21.10 > 11.11.2017
Marianne Mueller — Facing West
Curator: Sergio Mah

It all begins with the exploration of the quotidian; the moments, things, environments and bodies that affect us, that stoke our daily experience. In the work of Marianne Mueller, through photography and sculpture, video and installation, this inclination for the quotidian also represents an attempt to reaffirm an artistic practice, based on spontaneity and intersubjectivity, that values the contingent and the ephemeral as reasons for a recontextualising inquiry of the real. Her best known work involves photography with a strong diaristic component, moments of private and intimate experiences, fragmented visions of the body as carnal, psychological and sensual matter. In parallel, throughout her career Marianne Mueller has also demonstrated significant interest in the themes of architecture and common space, through a sensitive observation of the physical, aesthetic and symbolic qualities associated with certain places, architectural details, situations and mundane objects, perceived as factual and ironic signs of a paradoxical scenography of the urban space. Facing West was specifically conceived for Appleton Square’s exhibition space. The central piece, Curtain Two (extended), consists of a curtain over 30 metres long that runs in parallel to the four walls of the room on the ground floor. The fabric of the curtain was silkscreened with reversible photochromic pigments, i.e. it changes (in density and colour) when in contact with the natural light that enters the room through a high row of windows facing West. A preprogrammed mechanism also moves the curtain around the room, in and out of exposure, alternately tightening and slackening it. In the basement, Horizon_Video Sunrise 1 (Cetara) is played on a monitor, with a sound piece by Tobias Preisig. There are also two sculptures, L.LLoret (Cama Branca) and Collarium (Mini). The articulation of these pieces brings up recurrent themes in the work of Marianne Mueller: the experience of light and its (ontological) relationship with the image, attention to everyday subjects, the possibilities of space and architecture and, correspondingly, the possibility to play with limits, between inside and outside, private and public.

Sérgio Mah, 2017

credits © photodocumenta

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